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Mac & PC Videos

I'm a PC, I'm a MacThe Mac versus PC commercials are some of the best TV ads in years. They are interesting so people actually watch them, and the short skits are truly representative of the differences between a Macintosh and a PC. Personal Computers do lock up and do have constant technical issues while Macs rarely do (I am, however, angry because my newest PC from DELL is a $2700 piece of crap). The advertising agency, TBWA, that put these commercials together deserves a big hug for creating such simple, yet powerful, ads.

Mac Verses PC Commercials
This video collage is a set of eight Mac vs. PC commercials in one easy to view set.
Dozens of spoofs of the Mac & PC commercial have been created. This "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" spoof is from the David Letterman show.