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Gas Price Humor

When I started this list of gas price comics and jokes the price per gallon was around $3.00, and that was out of hand. It's gone up and back down and back up again. By the time you read this it's anyone's guess where it will be. Either way, it sucks.

All we can do is laugh. The saddest part is that we have known that outrageous gas prices were coming for at least eight years now and we did little. The U.S. governments answer was war and the car corporations sat on their butts and teased us with hybrid technology. Basically, eight years have been wasted. Now we'll do something - maybe.

Follow the Links below for a lot of stupid videos and even a few things of value like our guide to ringback tones that has helped a few hundred people make their cell phone cooler than ever which is important since no one can afford to drive to their friend's houses.

Here's another fun page you will enjoy: Little Becky Prank Phone Calls

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Thanks to Hersh and Jen for these great gas price comics