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Halloween Dog Costume Pictures

The best way to get back at your dog for crapping on your floor is to dress him up for Halloween. There is nothing more fun that seeing your four legged friend in a dog costume. Here is a collection of the best dog costumes. If you want to get your own dog a costume check out CostumeCraze

dog dracula vampire costume
This one is my favorite. How did they get both the dog in the coffin to lie still and the other to show his teeth? I imagine this pic took a while to get.

dog alligator costume

dog knight horse costume
Another of my favorites.

dog banana costume

dog business suit costume
I know this is supposed to be a business man, but he looks a lot like a player to me. I've probably got a picture of this dog around here someplace getting cozy with a cat. He just looks like that type of dog. You know?

darth vader costume
He doesn't look happy. Maybe he's just in character?

lobster and chef dog costume
This is all fun and games until November 1st when the Jack Russells remember it's ok to sit on the stove.

doctor and nurse dog costume
I think Nurse Liesl and Dr. Guenther have something going on...

dog from costume
This one wins the prize for best set design.

dog indian costume
Captain Smith likey very much - Yeah Baby!

dog and human in chicken costume together
Here I am with my loyal friend Homer dressed up as chickens for Halloween night. You can clearly see that he loves it. Click to see more of us in chicken costumes. You can get your dog a costume at this costume site. Your pup will love it!

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