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The plane trip to Alaska from Atlanta was an all day event. The last hour of the flight was amazing as we crossed over the snow covered mountains along the eastern coast of Alaska and the Chugach Mountains. If a view could ever evoke emotion it was the one out of the window of the plane. We arrived in Anchorage at 11:30 PM in early August as the midnight sun set over the bay. Alaska is four hours behind Georgia and the time difference combined with the long days would play games with our bodies, but it also gave us more daylight to explore the Last Frontier.

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Salmon Parade

picture of Anchorage by B.W. Bourdon
Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is a fairly large city with a population of just over 260,000. It reminded me of San Francisco, just without the homeless and the freaks. Anchorage is teased by those that don't live there because they feel that it is too much like the lower 48. This is true to a point, but few cities in the continental U.S. are 30 minutes away from giant mountains, the best fishing in the world, volcanos, glaciers, rare wildlife, and a giant body of water. I enjoyed the city, but if you plan to go to Alaska you are probably going for the wild side and that means that your stay in Anchorage will only be a day or so, and I think that is plenty of time to see the port city.

View of Anchorage at Midnight

If you are going to stay in Anchorage shoot for the downtown area. That way you can walk from your hotel to most of the nice restaurants and Anchorage attractions. We made the mistake of staying in a Days Inn when we could have stayed in a very nice hotel for only a few more dollars a night. We have had bad experiences at all of the Days Inn motels we have visited and the one in Anchorage will be our last.

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